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70+ Self Publishing Companies in Oregon

Updated: 6 days ago

1. Alpha Book Publisher

A versatile publishing house committed to diverse literary works, fostering creativity, and supporting emerging authors.

2. Luminare Press

A self-publishing service offering a collaborative approach, empowering authors to bring their visions to life with professional guidance.

3. Inkwater Press

A literary press dedicated to publishing engaging and thought-provoking books across various genres, fostering unique voices.

4. Microcosm Publishing

An independent publisher with a DIY ethos, specializing in alternative and empowering literature, zines, and visual storytelling.

5. Tin House Books

A distinguished literary publisher showcasing exceptional fiction, essays, and poetry, nurturing innovative and diverse literary voices.

6. White Cloud Press

Committed to publishing books that inspire personal growth, environmental awareness, and spiritual exploration.

7. Heron Books

A boutique publishing house focusing on quality fiction and non-fiction, emphasizing storytelling that captivates and enlightens.

8. Blackstone Audio, Inc

A leading audiobook publisher providing an extensive collection of high-quality spoken-word content across genres.

9. Timber Press Inc

A horticultural publisher passionate about plants and gardening, offering expertly crafted books for enthusiasts and professionals.

10. Harvest House Publishers

A Christian publisher committed to providing uplifting and faith-based literature for readers seeking spiritual growth.

11. Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)

A resource hub supporting independent publishers, offering workshops, resources, and a collaborative community.

12. Eraserhead Press

An avant-garde publishing house specializing in bizarro fiction, embracing unconventional and boundary-pushing narratives.

13. Brighters publishing

A dynamic publishing company dedicated to illuminating and sharing empowering stories that uplift and inspire.

14. Craigmore Creations

Focused on creating visually stunning and informative books, particularly in the realms of science, nature, and environmentalism.

15. Wipf and Stock Publishers

A scholarly publisher committed to producing theological, academic, and pastoral literature of the highest quality.

16. Laurie's Books

A cozy and community-oriented bookstore offering a curated selection of books for readers of all ages and tastes.

17. Peanutbutter Publishing

A vibrant and eclectic publishing house promoting a diverse range of literary voices and genres.

18. Avant-Garde Publishers

Committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing, fostering innovation, and supporting unconventional works.

19. Online Cashback Shopper

A versatile platform connecting readers with a variety of books while offering cashback rewards for their purchases.

20. Milestone Books

A publisher dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful books that celebrate milestones and special occasions.

21. Elite Publishing Company

A publishing entity fostering creativity and diversity in literature, providing a platform for emerging and established authors.

22. Barclay Press Inc

A Quaker publisher committed to promoting Quaker values through thoughtful and contemplative literature.

23. Bonanza Publishing & Rick Steber - MAKERS

A publishing venture creating engaging stories that celebrate the spirit of the American West and its diverse culture.

24. Franklin, Beedle & Associates Inc.

An educational publisher specializing in textbooks and learning resources, supporting students and educators.

25. Brookwood Press Inc

Providing high-quality educational materials and resources for teachers, focusing on student engagement and success.

26. Oregon Catholic Press

A publisher serving the Catholic community, producing liturgical music, worship resources, and spiritual literature.

27. Apostolic Book Publishers

Focused on publishing books that reflect Apostolic Christian values and contribute to spiritual growth.

28. Boho Books

An independent publisher embracing bohemian aesthetics and unique perspectives, offering diverse and creative literary works.

29. Sunnycroft Books

A publishing house committed to promoting positive and uplifting stories, catering to readers seeking inspiration.

30. Two Hats Publishing LLC

A versatile publishing company wearing different hats to produce a range of literary works, from fiction to non-fiction.

31. Oni Press

An independent comic book publisher known for its diverse and captivating graphic novels and comics.


A unique and mysterious publishing entity, potentially signaling a coded or cryptic approach to literature.

33. ACR Publications

A publishing house contributing to academic research and scholarly discourse across various fields.

34. Ooligan Press

A student-powered publisher affiliated with Portland State University, focusing on community engagement and diverse storytelling.

35. Move to Oregon Magazine

A publication highlighting the attractions and lifestyle of Oregon, serving as a guide for those considering relocation.

36. Frank Amato Publications

A publisher specializing in fishing and outdoor literature, providing valuable resources for enthusiasts.

37. Peyton Stafford Associates

Offering publishing services and consultation to authors, emphasizing quality and effective strategies.

38. Incubation Press

Focused on incubating and nurturing literary talent, providing a platform for emerging voices.

39. Honeycomb Publishing

A publishing company with a sweet touch, creating books that resonate with warmth, wisdom, and authenticity.

40. Exodus Books

A bookstore and publisher specializing in literature for homeschooling families, supporting education and family values.

41. Out of Step Books

A publisher celebrating alternative and contemporary art, showcasing unique voices in visual storytelling.

42. Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc.

Committed to empowering authors and publishing books that foster personal growth, wellness, and positive change.

43. Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

Supporting independent booksellers and promoting literature within the Pacific Northwest community.

44. Sterncastle Publishing

A publishing house dedicated to creating stories that transport readers to captivating and imaginative worlds.

45. PublishNation

A publishing service assisting authors in bringing their manuscripts to fruition, offering support throughout the publishing process.

46. Broadway Books

A local independent bookstore with a diverse selection, catering to the literary tastes of the community.

47. Reader's Guide

A resource for readers providing book recommendations, reviews, and literary insights to guide book choices.

48. The Writing Thing Press

Committed to cultivating and promoting unique literary voices, offering a platform for creative expression.

49. Borage Books

A publishing house focused on cultivating literature that nourishes the mind and spirit, embracing diverse genres.

50. Bloomsbury Books

An independent bookstore offering a curated selection of books and fostering a sense of community around literature.

51. Mt. Angel Publishing, Inc.

A publishing company contributing to the literary landscape, potentially with a focus on regional or niche topics.

52. Amber Lotus Publishing

A publisher creating calendars, greeting cards, and other products that inspire mindfulness and creativity.

53. Books In Time

A bookstore offering a diverse range of books with a focus on historical and time-themed literature.

54. Books with Pictures

A comic book shop and publisher promoting diversity and inclusivity in the world of graphic storytelling.

55. Paper Playground Press

A publisher dedicated to children's literature, providing imaginative and educational stories for young readers.

56. Here & Now Publications

A publishing company with a focus on the present moment, offering literature that reflects contemporary perspectives.

57. Book Warehouse of Lincoln City

A bookstore providing a wide selection of discounted books, making literature accessible to all.

58. Maverick Publications

A publisher known for its adventurous spirit, producing works that challenge and inspire readers.

59. Windows Booksellers

A bookstore specializing in scholarly and academic books, catering to the needs of researchers, students, and academics.

60. Oregonian Publishing Co

The publishing company behind The Oregonian, a prominent newspaper serving the Oregon community.

61. Burnside Rare Books

A rare bookshop in Portland, Oregon, offering unique and collectible literary treasures.

62. Revelation Publications

A publishing company dedicated to producing literature that explores spiritual and metaphysical themes.

63. Clackamas Book Exchange

A bookstore promoting the exchange of books within the Clackamas community, fostering a love for reading.

64. Random Lengths Publications

A publisher focused on providing insightful and in-depth coverage of the maritime industry.

65. Hi Books

A publishing entity with a friendly and approachable approach, creating books that connect with readers.

66. Koho Pono

A publisher dedicated to works that embody "righteousness" and positive values.

67. Bend Nest Parenting Magazine

A magazine catering to parents in Bend, Oregon, offering valuable insights and resources for parenting.

68. Marion Street Press

A publishing company with a commitment to urban literary works, capturing the essence of city life.

69. Gerry's Frankly Speaking

A publication offering the frank and candid perspectives of Gerry Frank, a well-known figure in the Oregon community.

70. Excalibur Comics

A comic book store in Portland, Oregon, catering to comic enthusiasts and collectors.

71. Munster & Company Rare Books

A rare book dealer specializing in unique and collectible literary treasures.

72. Jackson Creek Press

A publishing company with a focus on environmentally conscious and sustainable literature.

73. Donna's Books

A bookstore offering a curated selection of books, providing a personalized and welcoming reading experience.

74. First Steps Publishing

A publishing company supporting authors in taking the first steps toward sharing their literary works with the world.

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