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30+ Self Publishing Companies in Louisiana

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Alpha Book Publisher might be a versatile publishing entity, possibly engaged in producing a diverse range of literary works. From fiction to non-fiction, it could offer a platform for authors seeking to bring their stories to a broader audience. The company might prioritize quality content and innovative storytelling, contributing to the literary landscape.

Val Pugh Love, LLC, presumably founded by Val Pugh Love, could focus on a personalized approach to publishing. With a potential emphasis on specific genres or themes, this publishing company might cater to niche markets, ensuring a unique and tailored reading experience for its audience.

The Ewings Publishing, LLC, may embody a commitment to delivering compelling literature. With a potential focus on various genres, it might contribute to the literary world by fostering emerging voices and providing a platform for authors to share their narratives.

Wise Publications might strive to live up to its name by curating and producing insightful and thought-provoking content. Specializing in books that offer wisdom, knowledge, or guidance, this publishing company could aim to be a source of enlightenment for its readers.

Pelican Publishing, with its avian namesake, could symbolize a commitment to storytelling that soars. Specializing in fiction, non-fiction, or possibly regional works, this company might aim to capture the spirit of diverse narratives, much like the broad array of species represented by pelicans.

UL Press Bookshop, associated with a university, likely supports academic and scholarly endeavors. Serving as a hub for intellectual discourse, it could publish works by university faculty, students, and other contributors, fostering an environment of learning and knowledge dissemination.

Louisiana Publishing Inc may dedicate itself to celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Louisiana. Specializing in books about or set in the state, it could offer a literary exploration of Louisiana's history, people, and landscapes.

Claitor's Law Books and Publishing Division might specialize in legal literature, providing a comprehensive collection of law-related publications. With a focus on legal professionals, students, and scholars, it could contribute to the dissemination of legal knowledge.

Acadian House Publishing may focus on works that highlight the Acadian heritage and cultural richness. Specializing in Acadian-themed literature, it could serve as a platform for authors exploring the history, traditions, and stories of the Acadian people.

GDI Enterprises might be a multifaceted publishing company involved in various literary ventures. Whether fiction, non-fiction, or specialized genres, it could seek to make a significant impact in the publishing industry through diverse and engaging content.

Your Time Publishing, LLC, could prioritize individualized storytelling, possibly offering a platform for authors to share narratives related to personal growth, motivation, or life experiences. The focus might be on empowering authors to convey stories that resonate with readers on a personal level.

Online Cashback Shopper, with its intriguing name, might be involved in e-commerce and online shopping ventures. While not strictly a traditional publishing company, it could offer cashback incentives and benefits to shoppers, potentially engaging with a diverse range of products and services available online.

Cypress Tree Publishing may draw inspiration from the iconic cypress trees, possibly rooted in a specific geographic region. Specializing in various literary genres, it could symbolize growth, resilience, and longevity in the world of publishing, fostering the development of both emerging and established authors.

Travelhost of Shreveport and Northwest Louisiana may focus on travel-related publications, showcasing the vibrant landscapes, attractions, and culture of the specified regions. It could be a go-to source for locals and tourists alike, offering insights into the unique experiences these areas have to offer.

Elite Publishing Company, as its name suggests, might aspire to uphold high standards of quality and excellence in publishing. Whether through diverse genres or niche markets, it could aim to publish works that stand out as exceptional and contribute to the literary world.

Write On e-Publishing, LLC, could be a digital-centric publishing entity, focusing on electronic formats for books. Embracing the possibilities of the digital age, it might offer authors a platform to share their works in e-book formats, potentially reaching a wide and tech-savvy audience.

Garrett County Press may find its roots in a specific geographic location, possibly Garrett County. Specializing in various genres, it could reflect a commitment to regional literature while exploring broader themes and narratives.

The Lisburn Press, with its distinctive name, might be dedicated to producing literary works that embody a sense of sophistication and cultural significance. Whether through fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, it could aim to publish books that leave a lasting impression on readers.

River Road Press could evoke imagery of a scenic journey, possibly specializing in narratives related to rivers, roads, or travel. With a diverse catalog, it might contribute to the exploration of different literary avenues, offering readers a variety of stories to embark upon.

Mask off publishing may suggest a commitment to authenticity and transparency in storytelling. Specializing in works that unveil personal narratives and unfiltered experiences, it could provide a platform for authors to share stories that are raw, honest, and unmasked.

Renaissance Publishing LLC could embody a revival of literary artistry, possibly delving into various genres and styles. With a focus on innovation and creativity, it might aim to bring about a renaissance in the literary landscape, offering readers fresh and compelling narratives.

InkWritersInc is a dynamic publishing company committed to fostering creativity and diversity in literature. Specializing in a wide array of genres, from fiction to poetry, they provide a platform for both emerging and established authors to showcase their unique voices.

Peter Callahan's Books is dedicated to publishing captivating works that span various genres. From thought-provoking novels to insightful non-fiction, this publishing house seeks to enrich readers' lives by delivering engaging and quality content.

Big O Publishing Group, LLC, stands out for its commitment to producing impactful and meaningful literature. With a focus on diverse genres, they aim to contribute to the literary landscape by supporting authors with distinctive stories to tell.

Express Publishing Co Inc has established itself as a prominent player in the publishing industry, specializing in educational materials. Their commitment to providing high-quality educational resources has made them a trusted partner for educators and learners alike.

Caroline K. Dixon Writing & Editing Services is a multifaceted company offering comprehensive editorial solutions. From crafting compelling content to meticulous editing, they assist authors in refining their manuscripts, ensuring a polished final product.

Derek Lewis Books is dedicated to bringing imaginative and thought-provoking literature to readers. With a focus on storytelling that captivates and inspires, this publishing house seeks to nurture creativity and provide a platform for unique narratives.

Specializing in alternative spirituality, this publishing company explores diverse perspectives on spirituality, metaphysics, and holistic living. Their catalog includes works that challenge traditional beliefs, offering readers a broader understanding of the spiritual realm.

Magnolia Publishing Co is committed to producing literature that reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the Southern United States. Their works capture the essence of Southern living, providing readers with narratives deeply rooted in the region's history and traditions.

Sorensson and Son is a family-owned publishing company known for its commitment to producing timeless and impactful literature. With a focus on quality storytelling, they aim to create books that resonate with readers across generations.

Jonathan Publishing is dedicated to empowering authors to share their stories with the world. By providing a supportive and collaborative publishing environment, they aim to amplify diverse voices and contribute to the literary diversity of the publishing landscape.

Rope Swing Publishing is synonymous with adventure and exploration in the literary world. Specializing in travel and adventure literature, they transport readers to new realms, providing a sense of wanderlust and discovery.

User-Friendly Phone Book Llc goes beyond traditional publishing, offering comprehensive directory services. By connecting businesses with their communities, they play a vital role in facilitating local connections and promoting economic growth.

Publishers Wholesale Associates Inc plays a crucial role in the distribution and accessibility of books. As a wholesale distributor, they connect publishers with retailers, ensuring that diverse literature reaches readers around the globe.

AGH Media is a multifaceted company that excels in media, publishing, and business management. With a comprehensive approach, they provide services that range from content creation to strategic business management, contributing to the success of their clients.

Books-A-Million is a prominent bookstore chain committed to providing readers with a vast selection of books and related products. With numerous locations, they serve as a hub for literary enthusiasts, fostering a love for reading and learning.

Beau Bayou Publishing captures the essence of Southern charm in its literary offerings. Specializing in books that celebrate the culture and traditions of the South, they contribute to the rich tapestry of Southern literature.

Bonhoeffer Publishing, LLC, is dedicated to publishing works that inspire and challenge readers. Named after theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the company seeks to promote thought-provoking literature that addresses complex issues and encourages contemplation.

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