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30+ Self Publishing Companies in Iowa

Updated: 6 days ago

1. Alpha Book Publisher

A dynamic and versatile publishing company committed to providing a platform for diverse voices and stories across genres.

2. 1st World Publishing

A global publishing entity dedicated to producing high-quality literary works that resonate with readers worldwide.

3. Storied Gifts

A unique publishing company specializing in creating personalized and custom books to capture and celebrate individual stories and legacies.

4. Waterbury Publications Inc

A publishing house with a focus on delivering engaging and informative content to readers. Committed to quality and reader satisfaction.

5. Kendall Hunt Publishing Co

An educational publishing company dedicated to producing innovative and effective learning materials for students and educators.

6. Jumbo Jack's Cookbooks

A publishing company specializing in creating and sharing delightful and flavorful cookbooks for culinary enthusiasts.

7. Quixote Press

A publisher with a commitment to bringing imaginative and thought-provoking literature to readers. Embracing the spirit of Don Quixote in literary exploration.

8. Culicidae Press, LLC

A publishing house contributing to literature and the arts with a unique and memorable name. Committed to creativity and originality.

9. Penfield Books

A publishing company focused on producing books that educate, inform, and entertain. Committed to fostering knowledge and understanding.

10. Dragonfly Books

A publisher with a penchant for bringing enchanting and captivating stories to readers. Dedicated to the magic of storytelling.

11. Mega Ninja Publishing

A bold and energetic publishing company embracing a ninja spirit in delivering exciting and dynamic literary works.

12. Alpha Omega Publications

A publisher specializing in educational materials and resources, providing innovative solutions for homeschooling and Christian education.

13. Ice Cube Press | Midwest Book Publisher

A regional publisher capturing the essence of the Midwest through literature. Committed to showcasing the rich culture and stories of the heartland.

14. Waverly Publishing

A publishing house with a commitment to producing literature that resonates with readers, creating waves of inspiration and enjoyment.

15. Elite Publishing Company

A versatile publishing house dedicated to supporting authors across various genres. Known for its commitment to quality and author satisfaction.

16. Candle Light Press

A publishing company creating warm and illuminating literary works. Committed to bringing stories that light up the hearts of readers.

17. Vim Art and Publishing House

A publisher merging art and literature to create visually stunning and compelling literary works. Committed to the synergy of words and visuals.

18. Satyrus Jeering

A creatively named publishing entity dedicated to pushing the boundaries of conventional literature. Committed to thought-provoking and unconventional storytelling.

19. Farm & Home Publishers Ltd

A publishing company specializing in agricultural and rural-focused literature. Committed to preserving and sharing the stories of farm life.

20. August Home Publishing Company

A publishing house contributing to the home and lifestyle literature. Committed to creating content that enhances the lives of readers.

21. Brennan Printing

A publishing service provider offering printing solutions for authors and publishers. Committed to delivering high-quality printed materials.

22. Corridor Publishing

A publisher focusing on works related to the corridor region. Committed to showcasing stories and perspectives from specific geographic areas.

23. the Write Place

A publishing service provider offering a range of services, from editing to marketing. Committed to supporting authors through the entire publishing process.

Arrow Publications Inc:

24. Arrow Publications Inc

A publishing company aiming to hit the mark with engaging and impactful literary works. Committed to delivering content that resonates with readers.

25. Michael Lundy

A publisher dedicated to sharing the literary works of Michael Lundy. Committed to bringing a unique voice and perspective to readers.

26. Flyway

A publishing company with a focus on environmental literature and nature writing. Committed to exploring the intersection of literature and the natural world.

27. Press of the Camp Pope Bookshop

A publishing entity with a historical focus, contributing to the preservation and sharing of stories from the past.

28. J F Riggs Publshing

A publishing house with a commitment to producing quality works across genres. Committed to supporting diverse voices in literature.

29. Mudd Publishing

A publisher with a focus on down-to-earth and relatable literary works. Committed to authenticity and storytelling that resonates with readers.

30. Eagle Book Bindery

A publishing service provider offering binding solutions for authors and publishers. Committed to ensuring the durability and quality of printed materials.

31. Mid-America Publishing Corporation

A multifaceted publishing corporation contributing to various aspects of the publishing industry, from newspapers to literary works.

32. Brooklyn Publishers

A publishing company with a diverse catalog of theatrical plays and scripts. Committed to supporting the performing arts through literature.

33. American Book Design

A publishing service provider specializing in book design. Committed to enhancing the visual appeal of literary works.

34. Five Star Publishing Inc

A publishing company known for its commitment to delivering high-quality fiction across genres. Committed to providing readers with engaging stories.

35. Storyhouse Bookpub

A publisher dedicated to creating a literary home for authors and readers. Committed to fostering a sense of community through storytelling.

36. midwest frontier stories

A publishing house focusing on tales from the Midwest frontier, capturing the spirit of adventure and exploration.

37. Business Publications Corporation

A publishing company contributing to business literature and information. Committed to providing valuable insights and resources for professionals.

38. MC Writing Services

A writing and publishing service provider offering support to authors in various stages of the writing and publishing process.

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