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30+ Self Publishing Companies in Delaware

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Alpha Book Publisher is a leading book publisher based in Delaware, committed to bringing top-quality books to readers around the world. Founded in 2020 by Alpha Barry, our mission has always been to provide a platform for talented authors to share their stories and connect with readers everywhere. We are a team of publishing professionals, dedicated to helping our authors achieve their literary dreams and bring their stories to life.

Liber Publishing House focuses on fostering freedom of expression through literature, providing a platform for authors to share their unique perspectives and stories.

Maple Publishers is dedicated to producing high-quality publications across various genres, catering to a diverse audience and promoting a love for reading.

Tell Tell Poetry specializes in the art of poetic expression, publishing works that capture the beauty and power of language through verse.

Zen Book Writing is a publishing company that embraces a mindful and thoughtful approach to literature, delivering works that encourage reflection and personal growth.

The Science Publishing House is dedicated to disseminating knowledge and research across scientific disciplines, contributing to the advancement of human understanding.

Prestwick House Inc focuses on educational resources, providing teachers and students with high-quality materials that enhance learning experiences and literary appreciation.

Stratton Press Inc. is a full-service publishing house committed to assisting authors in realizing their publishing goals, offering comprehensive services from editing to marketing.

Birdsong Books is dedicated to publishing children's literature that engages young readers and fosters a love for storytelling and imagination.

KD Legends is a publishing house that specializes in bringing legendary stories to life, celebrating iconic figures and captivating narratives.

TitanusRexium Publishing is a dynamic company that publishes a diverse range of compelling works, offering readers unique and engaging stories.

Stardom Books is dedicated to promoting emerging voices and providing authors with the platform to shine, bringing their stories to a global audience.

Bright Ideas! Educational Resources focuses on creating innovative and effective educational materials that inspire curiosity and facilitate learning.

Melanin Origins LLC is committed to promoting diversity in children's literature, publishing books that celebrate cultural heritage and empower young readers.

Jazzy Kitty Publications specializes in producing vibrant and imaginative works, catering to readers who appreciate creativity and a touch of whimsy.

Poetry In Motion is dedicated to the art of poetic expression, publishing works that evoke emotions and showcase the beauty of language.

Bodyworks Publishing LLC focuses on health and wellness literature, providing readers with valuable insights into physical and mental well-being.

Creative Writing Experts is committed to supporting aspiring authors on their writing journey, offering guidance and services to enhance their creative expression.

Rodney Nobles Production is a dynamic publishing venture that brings a fresh perspective to literature, publishing works that resonate with contemporary audiences.

Moon Crystal Publications is dedicated to producing works that transport readers to imaginative worlds, exploring fantastical realms and unique storytelling.

Amazon Publishing Network leverages the global reach of Amazon to amplify authors' voices and connect their works with a vast audience.

While details are not specified, these honorable mentions likely represent recognition for outstanding literary achievements, underscoring the diverse talent in the literary landscape.

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