Avoiding Roof Repair And How To Handle It

Not only can some roof repairs be avoided, but they aren’t exactly a fun way to spend money. Everyone can agree that it would be much nicer to take a vacation rather than fixing something around the house. For so many obvious reasons homeowners should think about avoiding roof repairs if they can, as well as what to do when they need it.

Avoiding Roof Repairs

Regular maintenance is pretty simple and it has helped many people hold on to expensive things for much longer. By simply maintaining the roof twice a year you can prevent the need to call a professional, because it’s the small things that typically lead to bigger problems. Here are some tips on what you can check at least once a year while cleaning out those gutters.

1. Start by checking for missing or damaged shingles. At the same time you want to test if there are shingles that are coming loose. It’ll be much cheaper and quicker to replace a few shingles than replacing the entire roof.

2. Check for moss build-up, for example algae and fungus. If the growth has started you should consider installing control strips made of zinc or lead.
Moss build up causing roof damage

3. Rust is another type of danger you have to look out for when it comes to the metal parts of your roof. This can be fixed with a wire brush and a new coat of paint.

4. Last but not least, check whether the flashing is still solid. If not, get it resealed sooner rather than later.

What To Do When You Need Roof Repairs

These maintenance checks are going to be easy for some and harder for others. For those individuals who are handy with tools it should be very inexpensive to deter damage and keep the need for roof repairs at bay. As long as you do it safely then there’s no reason to handle it yourself.

But for the latter group it’s suggested to call a professional. Working on top of a roof can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing. If this is the case it will be best to call a professional. Given the small nature of the problem it’s going to be just as affordable, plus you don’t have to worry about getting the job done right. Just make sure to find a reputable service that will keep you happy.

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Author: Edward Adams

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